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JIS card

A JIS card is a student´s identification card at UWB (JIS = Unified Identification System). This card enables students to enter various UWB buildings, e.g. dormitories, laboratories and other premises with restricted access, pay for meals at UWB canteens, borrow books at the UWB University Library, use self-service copying machines and printing facilities, and access other services. For further information, please refer to Decree No. 16R/2014 "Identification cards" (in czech).

A combined JIS+Pilsen Card

This combined card makes it possible to use, in addition to the services offered by UWB, the services and benefits provided by the Pilsen City Transport Company.

Obtaining the JIS/JIS+Pilsen Card

To obtain a JIS card, it is necessary to:

  1. Submit a "JIS Card Application Form" via the website jis.zcu.cz.
  2. Pay a handling fee of CZK 100 (JIS Card) or CZK 270 (combined JIS+Pilsen Card) to UWB account number: 143 929 001/5500. As the variable symbol of the payment, use your entire personal identification number without a slash (e.g.: 8252127143, i.e., omit the "/" sign but enter all ten numbers). International students with a generated personal identification number will pay the fee at the UWB cash desk.
  1. Be properly enrolled and registered in the study information system (this is entirely within the authority of the study departments of individual faculties).
  2. Continuously check at jis.zcu.cz to see when your JIS Card is labelled “karta je připravena k vydání, můžete si ji vyzvednout”.
  3. Get the card at the HelpDesk CIV.

Further information on obtaining the JIS Card here. Further information on a combined JIS+Pilsen Card here.

Where to collect the card

You can collect the card in room UI205 at the HelpDesk CIV. Before personally visiting HelpDesk CIV, make sure your card is ready for collection. For this information, go to jis.zcu.cz (your JIS Card is labelled “karta je připravena k vydání, můžete si ji vyzvednout”) , or call HelpDesk on 377 638 888.

The CIV premises are located in the UI building, which is a part of the main block of buildings on the Bory campus. It is situated straight ahead of the main university entrance – see the picture.

A representative authorized by a power of attorney (detailing the full names, permanent residence, date of birth, personal identification numbers, reason for representation, dates and signatures) can collect your JIS card. You can download a Power of Attorney Template here: Power of Attorney (in czech). Fill in the form legibly in capital letters; inaccuracy or ambiguity in the writing may be a reason for rejection).

Contact information

If you have any questions concerning JIS card production or other issues, please contact us at:

HelpDesk CIV- UI205
Univerzitní 20, Pilsen
Telephone number: 377 638 888
E-mail address: operator@service.zcu.cz

Lost cards

  1. As soon as you realize your JIS card has been lost, report the loss to HelpDesk CIV.
  2. Write an e-mail from your university e-mail address to operator@service.zcu.cz or
  3. Come in person to HelpDesk CIV, where you will fill in a form on the loss of your JIS card.

Damaged JIS cards

Come in person to HelpDesk CIV .

  • The degree and type of damage to your JIS card will be analysed on site by an operator; then the form "JIS Identification Card Damage Record" will have to be completed.
  • A new JIS card request will be generated using the details from the filled form.
  • If the card is found to be faulty and not physically damaged, it will be replaced free of charge and we will prepare a new card within the following 3 business days.

How to return a JIS card

A JIS card can be returned at the HelpDesku CIV workplaces.

It is possible to settle obligations to the university library in any of its branches.

You can settle obligations to the University canteen electronically on portal.zcu.cz. Go to “Me”/”JUK – unified university account”; click “I do not want to use JUK”. Any remaining balance will be transferred to your account or you can collect the balance in the university canteen.

  1. At the university canteen in Kollarova Street
  2. At the university canteen in Univerzitni Street

If you you continue to follow-up studies or interrupt your studies, you can retain your JIS card if you prove that you have settled all obligations in relation to UWB. We recommend that you set up the remote password change.

JIS card “accessories”

With a JIS card, you will be provided with:

  • the Orion-ID and a password you will need to set up a computer account.
  • a validation stamp. The stamp is to be attached to on the back side of the card at the beginning of each academic year. If there is a stamp on the card, it means that you are studying in the current academic year. The validation stamps for the first year students are distributed by HelpDesk CIV; in the subsequent years of study, students obtain the stamp from their study departments. Students who already have a JIS card and are in their first year will get the validation stamp at their study department.

Problems while producing a JIS card

If you have a problem with the production of your JIS card, you will find the necessary steps for its solution HERE.

Electronic proof of study for PMDP

To be able to pay a discounted fare in the PMPD, the Pilsen card holder needs to claim the right to it. Activation of the discounted fare is carried out by so-called pairing of the student JIS card and the Pilsen card. In this process, the Pilsen Card is registered in the UWB information system and the system automatically sends information about the card holder's study status to PMDP.

How to change personal details on your JIS card

If, during use of the JIS card, some of the holder's personal details change, the procedure is as follows: - report the change to your study department - pay a handing fee of 100 CZK to the UWB account - submit a new JIS card application form with the changed personal details Changed personal details include:

  • change of the first name and/or surname
  • change of the academic degree
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